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you through real estate and low risk business ventures


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About Us

How it Works

6Digit we make investing very easy and very low risk.

We have partnered up with real estate companies that buy and sell properties, rent apartments, and offer hotel accommodations.

You simply become an investor in these venture by investing your money into our system. With your money we are able to buy and sell more properties, build more apartments for rent, and buy more hotels for leasing. The profit from all these ventures is shared evenly among all who invest.

Receive a Bonus Right After depositing minimum investment of $50

After depositing the minimum investment amount or more, you will be credited %10 bonus on top of your investment amount. This bonus will immediately be deposited into your available balance Account.

Make money every day on your Investment

After 24hrs, system will automatically award a 1% yield on your capital investment everyday for 800 days.

ROI (Return on Investment) Account

Your ROI account will show your daily and weekly yields. This is where you will see your 1% daily yeild on investment. You are encouraged to leave your capital investment for 800 days so that your yeild grows.

Referral Program

Refer as many investors as you can to the program and get 20% bonus for each investor. After all investors deposit their minimum investment of $50.00 into their account, System will award you a 20% bonus from total of capital invested by all investors you referred.

Residual Income

You make residual income after investors you referred to the program refer other investors to the program as well. You can make up to $1000 once all your referred investors deposit their initial capital investment money.